Drink for Beauty!


Drink for Beauty!.


Cause of Death


On July 17th I became one very happy girl when I stepped off the 100 degree streets of New York City and onto the 100 degree, sticky floors of Webster Hall to see Murder By Death play, finally.

MBD currently touring with Ha Ha Tonka and Cory Chisel and the Wandering played an amazing set in the midst of yet another East Coast heat wave.
Funny enough, they are currently touring on an album, “Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon” they is not set to be released until September. Odd maybe, but I’m sure all fans can agree, who gives a crap why they are touring, I wanna see ’em play!

They played about 4/5 tunes from the new album, the names now escape me. But they were great and the crowd received them really well. Catchy and a little different, their sound but advanced to hit the style of the album; distinctively them staying true to their sound.
One of the new songs hit very close to them and home, as Adam explained it was based on the recent homicides of two little girls, one rich and one poor, from their home state of Indiana.

They also played a lot of homage to their first album, “Like the Exorcist, but More Breakdancing”. That album I never got into, “Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them” was the album that stole my heart and I’ve never looked back since. Maybe it is because it was the album that really turned me on to them or that everyone should know by now how damn much I love a concept album, but “Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them” is still my all time favorite album by them. They played a decent set from this album. Of course my two favorites, “Killbot2000” and “The Devil in Mexico”, which I could of died a happy girl right there! “In Boca Al Lupo” another favorite has such tracks played as “Brother” which I’m sure if Mr. Tarantino had ever had the pleasure to hear, would have been in Kill Bill II for sure! “The Devil Drives” was another track played, they had  a really long, wonderful set. Their ending was strong, they ended and we cheered and we cried but I knew an encore was about to happen.

Full set list is:
Exorcist: I’m Afraid of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, A Caucus Race, Intergalactic Menopause, Those Who Stayed

Who Will Survive: The Devil In Mexico, That Crown Don’t Make You a Prince, Until Morale Improves The Beatings Will Continue, Killbot 2000 (encore), Comin’ Home

In Boca Al Lupo: The Devil Drives (encore), Sometimes The Line Walks You, (with “Radar Love” during the bridge), Brother, Dynamite Mine

Red: Spring Break 1899, Fuego!, Ball & Chain

Good Morning: King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs, You Don’t Miss Twice (When You’re Shavin’ With a Knife), Foxglove

Bitter Drink: Hard World, I Came Around, Go To The Light

The show, the venue, the sticky hot air of the city in summer; sweat on your neck and a cold beer feeling so good. No better a setting for no better a band. Their amazing indie-folkie-county sound coupled with their depth and complexity makes this band truly unique and extraordinarily talented. A true fan favorite, here @PoS!

The spark machine debuted @ The WH show!


I missed that, Miss!


Ok, it’s been a while, much longer than I would like 😦 Truth is I’ve been struggling with writers block and a semi restless, lack of creativity inspired depression for a very long time. I also moved, so writing is sometimes a real depressing challenge for me. Compared to a few years ago when I hit chapter 10 in my baby book in a matter of weeks it seemed, back then…
Anyway, I was working on a tribute to lady singers, because I really am not the biggest fan. I somehow got distracted from that, and now I am back to continue my idear.

Kate Nash is adorable. She also had the mouth of a sailor. That combination is right up my alley! Mz. Nash has been on the circuit since 2005. She’s pretty much the famous fantasy come true. Breaks her foot, bed bound. Writes a shit ton of music, put it on crappy website (Myspace) no offense, and in no time is racking in number one hits?! Yup, that is pretty much exactly what happened. Nash pretty much pumped out one hit wonder after one hit wonder, turning into a hit album, and she did this twice.

Made of Bricks (2007) Her debut album had five major hits on the album.

Foundations, Mouthwash, Birds, Pumpkin Soup, and Merry Happy. Nash had nowhere near her popularity rating in the US as she did in her homeland, the UK but she definitely made a big break just ‘cross the pond.

Nash has a fun, quirky sound. To me it rings clearly of British Pop, with its upbeat tempos and catchy tune. It’s easy to find yourself humming or singing these songs. Her songs are clearly relate-able to her target audience, young lass’ in the age range of 21-34 and all pertain to love, life, friendship and heartache. What else is there to write about when you’re only 25? I think I like her music so much, because I really like her as a person. She seems fun, down to earth, & fun. She is someone I would be friends with. She is relateable, and therefore I relate to her tunes.

Nash’s second album, My Best Friend is You (2010) release such singles as Do-Wah-Doo, Kiss That Grrrl, Later On, & I’ve Got a Secret. Personally, this is my favorite album of the two. It’s a little less little-girl-rock sounding, it’s more edgy and eff you and that’s what I Like! You can see how this album has a definitive theme of love, friendship and betray. Pretty much all the trials and tribulations life has to offer.

It always seems liken the songs I like the best and never the hits, but I’ve always loved the B-Sides of life.

Kate Nash tells it like it is. She has the good girl bad gal thing down, and she is no different than you or I? How could you also not love that face! She is the voice of all of us struggling twentysomethings, trying to get the guy, life the life, and have some fun!

Boy Decide


So, it seems that although my day was complete shit, in the music world things are going just right.

This post will be about little tid-bits. bite sized portions of music news, and upcoming events, I guess you could say.

Boys Night Out, who sadly is no longer really with the music world as a formal band is I’m sure proud of the fact that come this summer, Trainwreck will be going vinyl! I’m excited because with my new apartment coming in June, I also inherit halfsies a record player and 4 speakers. Sweet deal I say.

Big news as well is that Murder by Death is touring! I am happily going to attend their Webster Hall show on July 17th and I am pumped! Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons will also be in attendance and I think it will be a great show. This will be the first time I’ll be seeing them, and I know it’s kind of a special treat because they really don’t play that often, plus it is their only local (for me) show where I won’t have to drive an hour +.

I’m hoping they will really get a good mix of their old and new stuff in. I’m most familar with their 2002-2008 works, but as I’d mentioned in an earlier post, my love of Pandora has really let me see all they’ve got on the table, plus it will push me to buy those last two albums and complete my collection.

I’ve written about MbD multiple times, I love them; their work and their sound. And as everyone knows, I love a good concept album!I think what really makes me happiest though, is that they are still together. Most of the bands I listen to are broken up. No more new stuff, no more shows, no more music. It really breaks my heart. The fact that these guys are still going strong, gives me hope.

Next show I will be attending is Thrice at The Royale Night Club. Now, I never really got into these guy, but my boyfriend loves them, and I’ll go to any show, any where, any time and its in Boston! I love a road trip, I love bean town, I love a free (for me) show. I’m all on board!

I support their music style and I like that they have always stayed true to themselves. Since they have started as a band, portions of their proceeds have always gone to a charitable organization that their label has always matched. Always consistent and contingent on staying true to themselves, and trying to do more with the recognition their music has brought them. They are models for our youth.

I will be a part of their farewell tour, with Animals as Leaders and O’Brother, just to name a few of the more-to-be-announced line up. I have a lot of respect for them and the work they have done. Humble, down to earth men whom have grown their music into deep and complex melodies while maintaining  simple and beautiful lyrics and context.

This summer looks like it is going to have a lot of road trips and amazing line ups ahead, and I cant wait to be a part of it all!







I Don’t Know About You


The PAperer ChAse formed by John Congleton out of Dallas, Texas is truly the product of art. Congleton, a producer, decided to put his own thoughts into a living, breathing creature to help deal with his anxieties, most in the form of panic attacks. What than spawned, is a raw and brilliant creation that even Dr. Frankenstein would have coveted. His music is a mixture of instruments artfully tuned to come alive to a sound I describe as piercing, sour and sexual.

Congleton sings of the basic human fears and emotions, that connect us all deep down in our core’s. Now You Are One of Us, released in 2006 starts out with the recording of a sobbing man in an Area 51 type of situation. In choppy, gasping breaths and in between pathetic and terrifying sobs an erratic man warns of abduction and body snatching like circumstances. Speaking of creatures taking over us; our daily lives, becoming one of us. Slowly giving way to a stampede of scissors posing as percussions opening for the first track “We Know Where You Sleep”. It sets the album up nicely, showcasing how fear ruins or rules our lives. No matter what, you’ll get yours in the end, so what choices will you make in the meantime?

I really like the odd choices Congleton uses in his intro to the album. It seems to set the tone for his theme in the album. The horrifying terror of our human species which we are by nature, the way we live as horrible, wretched creatures we have all turned ourselves into for whatever reasons. Greed, lust, loathing; it wasn’t supposed to be this way, but something took over us all.

“You don’t want your messes cleaned. You don’t want your bodies fixed. You don’t want your problems solved, stories all resolved. You have nothing to lean on. You don’t want your stitches sewn ‘Cause then you’ll have the big unknown.” When there’s nothing left to be done then all that’s left is time. And for most of us when we really sit back and look at all those endless hours, the emptiness is terrifying. When nothing is wrong, what do you do when it’s still not right? Well now it’s time to face that big unknown. “Cause it’s your life, it’s your face in the place of the mirror.” When you free yourself of all you’ve been trying to hide and let loose that great façade, than there’s no skin and cloth to hide behind. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through, the lies we lay around for one another, and ourselves day in and day, well you’d just better be prepared for them to linger for a nice long while.

I Interject


I’m going to break my steady flow of back to back entries and side step in with, I don’t know..an opinionated public service announcement? Keep in mind it’s late, I’m typing with only nine fingers at the moment and I still have to get to my hair before bed, but the urge to express my great appreciation for Pandora and social networking and it’s amazing ability to introduce us all to new music.

Recently I wracked my brain to remember my “Amazon” account password and buy two CDs. YES! I said it, Cds. I still buy CDs, I have an ipod (cracked beyond belief, he’s a trooper) and an iphone and I still prefer CDs and buy them often. usually used, because its cheaper, I can throw them on my computer and then let my dying car stereo eat it while I play it to death.

I recently purchased Mentally Ill’s CD Padded Cell and Lux’s new CD recently released just April 3, 2012. I heard of both these bands, of which I previously never had on a local New York based radio station, wfdny I believe. 89.1 around these parts and although I stated quite clearly this was for my love of how free music can open us all to such amazing new bands and sounds, I had to give way to how of course local radio and public access and the works afford us all such a new, and broader horizon. Much as Pandora and social networking, but with the traditional nostalgia that I am particularly swayed to.

There are countless times I have fallen for bands that I had never even known of and was missing the sounds they brought to my life and in equal appreciation I have re-fallen in love with bands I hadn’t listened to in years. Pandora has absolutely introduced me to so many new-to-me artists that I have supported and appreciate now for what their music does for me. Its like the “Facebook” of music. You like a band and then it suggests other bands you might like. In my case, most of the time I do!

It’s really a pretty wonderful thing. and now that everything is linked to all our social network outlets, they all work as one. “Youtube” makes it incredibly easy to share and send music as well as videos. Not to mention what it was all about in the first place, sharing your own stuff!

It just all floors me. it makes me so happy to hear a band for the first time, and I know I have to have that song in my head. I have to know every word. I have to embed it in my brain and pull it out into a hum at a moments notice. And when the whole album makes you feel like that, and you can find more bands that make you feel like that, it’s just amazing.

I usually buy all of my Cds, (the main source of my music aside from college public radio shows) online, used after hearing anywhere from one to three tracks, or by trust of word of mouth.  I’ve had a 98% personal success rate of loving what I bought, based on little knowledge and driving feelings. I think there was one CD I never even fully listened to. It was Tokyo Rose, I believe. “I Love You Too” is a phenomenal song by them, though, especially acoustic.

I hope you enjoyed my benevolent push of popular music stuffs. I think is pretty obvious, but maybe not, that I am old fashioned and traditional in my music and my life. So for me to really push all this, its big! Music can just do so much to you though, churn through you and change you. It can just make you feel so alive and awake. It’s amazing.

Misses Mix


I suggest learning the ability to love my extended “parts” entries. There will be quite a few throughout the blog. Now I will begin my ode to lady singers! I am admittedly not the biggest fan of female vocalists, but when I really dig a chick I get into them.

I guess its more criteria verses anything else. First of all, I don’t like entertainers. Big label girls, who’ve been warped and image-ized really bother me. Get by, by your talent or get out. Second, I need substance. My attention needs to be grabbed; I need to relate to what you’re harping about. I need to feel it, feel something! Finally, you’ve got to be able to back it up. I need brains and talent, not daddy-thanks-for-everything, girls and I’m-weird-I-wear-costumes pizzazz to cover up their gimmick chicks.

So, but on to the ladies I do love!

Part I

Kim Deal is well, kind of a big deal. Aside from her fabulous cheekbones, she was also the bassist and backup vocalist for The Pixies.  No doubt the most famous of the three bands she was in, Ms. Deal’s first band was The Breeders, a folk-rock duo formed with twin sister Kelley Deal. The Pixies followed, and for about 7 years, they reined as one of the original alternative rock bands that started a revolution. Together, they made 19 truly amazing and pioneering albums together. The Pixies formed when Kim moved to Boston and was the only one to respond to an add in The Boston Phoenix; “female bassist/vocalist for high harmonies, no chops”.  Finally parting ways in ’93 Kim and Black [Francis] aggressive relationship was probably the cause of their premature ending. Sharing a lot of animosity over Deal wanting to incorporate her music and style more into the band and struggling to accept that Francis was the singer and therefore had control musically of the band. She refused to play a show after Francis threw a guitar at her onstage and their hiatus was announced the next day.

After that Deal formed yet another band, The Amps and took the stage name Tammy Ampersand.

I have a thing about voices; they are completely recognizable to their era. Kim has one of those classic chick voices from the 90s. Higher in pitch, clear and smooth, she really has a great sound! I admire her not-the-girl-next-door attitude and that she never gave up. From the time she was a young teen and had her first gig playing at truck stops, band after band, album after album she was going to do it. There was no plan B. The Pixies are even currently doing yet another reunion tour!